Head of Marketing

San Mateo, California, United States | Marketing | Full-time


Who We Are

interface, Inc. is a low code platform for enterprises to build digital assistants. It is headquartered in San Mateo, California. The founding team comes from some of the core AI groups of Microsoft with over 25 years of experience in building enterprises generating close to $50 Million in revenue and $2 Billion in transactions.

interface is proud to be powering some of the largest and most innovative enterprises across the world. Currently, the platform already processes millions of conversations every day with the total capacity across all the deployments adding up to 15,000 conversations per second or 1.2 Billion per day - close to 30% of Google’s worldwide traffic, making interface one of the leading players in the industry by far.

With the new version of our platform, we will be expanding the industries we target to include - Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Online Retail and E-commerce, and Software.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Marketing Leader. Your role will require you to -

  • Plan, develop and bring the organization’s vision to life through marketing
  • Drive revenue and growth for the organization by increasing sales through successful marketing, using market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising, public relations, and any other modes
  • Understand trends in the market and define/adopt marketing strategies based on it to ensure the organization wins

Your Role and Responsibilities

  • Create, communicate and drive the organization’s vision through marketing
  • Assess the needs of the organization, develop goals and drive the organization towards the goal
  • Develop and lead interface's overall marketing strategy and direct the execution of various marketing activities
  • Develop a feasible marketing plan for the department and oversee its implementation
  • Develop the organization’s unique voice and ensure it is promoted well in the market
  • Build & lead a team capable of achieving the organizational goals

Who Will be an Ideal Candidate

  • Start-up friendly and scaled an organization to achieve double-digit million dollars in revenue through marketing
  • Established a new player as a well-known brand in any market
  • Demonstrable experience in developing efficient strategies and business plans for all marketing aspects
  • A leader with both creative and analytical capabilities and experience in data-driven decision making
  • Ability to apply marketing techniques over digital and non-digital channels
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a team
  • Passionate customer advocacy
  • Deep understanding of changing market dynamics
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • A Masters degree in Marketing, communications or a related field will be a plus