Sales Development Representative

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Sales | Full-time | Allows remote


About Us

We are ambitious to build a great global brand and we also take a lot of pride in having built a world-class product and continue to do so in a cutting edge field like Natural Language Understanding. Our products lead the industry today and we would like to reach a broader audience to showcase this. Considering the importance of this role, you will be working directly with the CEO.

Today, interface provides an out-of-the-box AI Assistant that acts as a “Personal Bank Teller” to help customers 24x7 through every step of the journey from a prospect to a customer. It is used by several financial institutions (FIs) across 5 countries spanning millions of conversations. Our customers have already witnessed over $50M+ ROI in just under 12 months.

Our vision is to put an AI-powered Personal Banking Assistant in everyone's pocket that not only helps with day-to-day banking needs but also helps with financial education to help each individual achieve financial wellness.

As a Sale Development Representative you will be in charge of :

  1. Building and scaling the Outbound engine
  2. Reach out to new leads, qualify them and push them further down the sales funnel

You can be a great fit if you are :

  1. Extremely self-motivated
  2. Ability to learn quickly
  3. Growth Mindset (read this if you don't know what it means - link)
  4. Emotional Maturity (read this if you don't know what it means - link)
  5. Passionate about the possibilities at the intersection of AI + Banking
  6. Worked in a startup of 5 to 30 employees
  7. 1-3 years of experience in Outbound sales, lead generation 
  8. Prior Experience selling to North America geographies
  9. An ‘A’ player who's willing to go the extra mile to crack the next big opportunity
  10. Love to compete; you live for the thrill of the win and are ready to slay the competition
  11. Assertive and persuasive.
  12. Hungry and prepared to hit the ground running as soon as you start.
  13. You have excellent interpersonal communication skills 
  14. Ability to work in the night shift

At interface, just like many other companies, we have made mistakes as we grow. But we have learnt from it and have gotten better. And we thank all of our employees who provided genuine feedback on the forums like Glassdoor. For others, it has become a punching bag of sorts specifically former employees who have had short tenures with us. If this bothers you, we understand. But people who typically work in startups understand this happens. 

We recommend you reach out to any of our employees who have stayed with us over an extended period if you would like to get an unbiased view if necessary.